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Guess Who Minnesotans Are Most Likely to Marry?

Plus details on the PRO Act, Phillips activists thwarted by city council, and a great deal on a frog in today's Flyover.


A Big Ol’ Kowalski’s Is Coming to Southdale

Plus a call for on-campus abortion clinics, Pride expands, and the DFL transportation plans in today's Flyover.


Abortion Rights—On the Ballot or Not?

Plus gig work vs. union labor at the U, the feds keep the pillow man's phone, and election deniers want to work the polls in today's Flyover.


NY Post: A-Rod Too Poor to Own T-Wolves

Plus U workers picket, abortion inequality, and a lady who tells it like it is in today's Flyover.


Big Week for Whiny White Men in Minneapolis Food and Drink

Plus WFH WTF, AG goes after "crisis pregnancy centers," and Netflix scores Ann Kim in today's Flyover.

August 23, 2022

Strike. Strike? STRIKE!

Plus phony fraud foofaraw, knowing your abortion rights, and choosing Plan C in today's Flyover.

August 1, 2022

You Can Turn Left into the Wedge Parking Lot Now

Plus cult allegations/lawsuits, an abortion rights victory, and sudsy fountain pranksters in today's Flyover.


Call Me GAY-be? Carly Rae Jepsen to Headline Twin Cities Pride.

Plus our parks are (mostly) cool, the Strib Ed board chooses a dumb hill to die on, and two Mpls legends will be Rock and Roll Hall of Famers in today's Flyover.


Meet the Abortion Clinic Defenders of Duluth

They're going toe-to-toe with protesters, going viral on TikTok, and playing a lot of Megan Thee Stallion along the way.

March 9, 2022

Every Fake Abortion Clinic in Minnesota, Mapped

They have a terrible reputation in the reproductive justice community, but fake clinics succeed because they’re good at what they do: lying to and manipulating pregnant people.

August 26, 2021