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Could This Guy Make Abortion Illegal Nationwide?

Plus life after Uber and Lyft, Alden Global Capital strikes again, and borrowing a good idea from Pizza Hut in today's Flyover news roundup.

Woke Libs Rejoice! ‘Immaculate’ Really IS About Abortion.

As a pregnant nun forced to give birth, Sydney Sweeney cements her status as the most self-aware star of the moment.

March 29, 2024

Entitled U of M Students Expect Mold-Free, Roachless Apartments

Plus abortions on the rise, a list of expensive food, and an unnecessary rant against auto insurance commercials in today's Flyover news roundup.

Who Is Norm and Why Does He Want to Talk to Your Kids About Vaping?

Plus anti-choice harassers sue, All of Mpls is back, and more Ward 5 tension in today's Flyover.

Guess Who Minnesotans Are Most Likely to Marry?

Plus details on the PRO Act, Phillips activists thwarted by city council, and a great deal on a frog in today's Flyover.

A Big Ol’ Kowalski’s Is Coming to Southdale

Plus a call for on-campus abortion clinics, Pride expands, and the DFL transportation plans in today's Flyover.

Abortion Rights—On the Ballot or Not?

Plus gig work vs. union labor at the U, the feds keep the pillow man's phone, and election deniers want to work the polls in today's Flyover.

NY Post: A-Rod Too Poor to Own T-Wolves

Plus U workers picket, abortion inequality, and a lady who tells it like it is in today's Flyover.

Big Week for Whiny White Men in Minneapolis Food and Drink

Plus WFH WTF, AG goes after "crisis pregnancy centers," and Netflix scores Ann Kim in today's Flyover.

August 23, 2022