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Shoppers Get $15 Ninja Grills and Mini Fridges Thanks to Target Glitch

Plus peepin', Boogaloo Bois, and justice for Justice Alan Page in today's Flyover.

exterior shot of a target store
Daniel ODonnell

Welcome back to The Flyover, your daily noontime(ish) digest of what local media outlets and Twitter-ers are gabbing about.

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Right On, Target

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this: Yesterday, Target experienced a magical glitch that allowed people to buy a variety of higher-priced items for the low, low price of $14.95. Since we're living in the era of the "haul" video, many pleasantly surprised shoppers took to Twitter to share their glitch bounty, which included mini-fridgesbaby car seats, shelving units, and Ninja grills. The pricing fail impacted both physical stores and online sales, and many of these deals have been honored. Some fools, however, tried to buy $500 gift cards when they caught wind of the error, which Target was easily able to adjust once it figured out WTF was going on. 

Peep While There's Leaves to be Peeped 

If it's "basic" to love leaf-peepin', then by god, throw Racket in Basic Jail and lose the key. Prime peepin' season just arrived in northern Minnesota, per the DNR's indispensable Fall Color Finder, and we're quivering—leaf-like—with excitement. But this year, per COVID/End Times protocol, is different: The summer-long drought has fucked with the way trees produce chlorophyll, MPR reports, resulting in duller colors and shorter peaks. "We are still having fall colors, people," Val Cervenka, the DNR's "unofficial fall-color forecaster," reassures MPR, so loading up the ol' compact SUV and hitting I-35W should still result in red, orange, and gold payoff. 

Boogaloo Boi Pleads Guilty

A Boogaloo Boi pled guilty on federal rioting charges yesterday following his actions in the unrest last May. The Boi in question? Ivan Hunter of San Antonio, Texas, who came to Minneapolis to start shit after the murder of George Floyd. Hunter got all dressed up in his Boogaloo costume (skull mask, tactical gear) and fired 13 rounds at the 3rd Precinct; he also looted the building and helped set it ablaze, according to the complaint. The Star Tribune reports that he's connected to Steven Carrillo, a Boogaloo Boi who was charged in the murder of a federal officer in Oakland last year.

Justice for Justice Page

Just over a month after Alan Page—Hall of Fame Viking, the first African-American Supreme Court justice in Minnesota, and Presidential Medal of Freedom-haver—was denied blue-check verification by Twitter, the social media company changed its tune. Hell yeah, Alan. Now you're as notable as Racket editors Jay Boller and Em Cassel! We've all accomplished so much.

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