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On This Friday Open Thread, Let’s Talk About What We Want to Talk About on Future Friday Open Threads

As we do every Friday, we're turning Racket over to you, the reader.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

As I've maybe complained before, some weeks the hardest part of my job is coming up with a prompt question for the Friday Open Thread. Choosing a single topic that's supposed to start a conversation with dozens of people? Such responsibility!

So this week I am leaning on a little trick o' the trade that we in the biz call "crowdsourcing." And I'm asking you, what topics would you pick for Open Thread? What would you like to learn about your fellow Open Thread commenters in future weeks? Ha, not so easy, is it?

Or, of course, you can ignore this prompt and talk about whatever you want. This is your open thread, after all.

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