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Misfit Coffee, Lyndale Ave’s Oddball Beverage Playground, Is Closing

Pour one (Mexican Coke and espresso drink) out.

the interior of misfit's coffee shop, which is lit by purple and blue bulbs
Instagram: @misfitcoffee

Say goodbye to one of the best selfie bathrooms in all of Minneapolis—Misfit Coffee just announced that it'll close at the end of this month.

Misfit opened in the old Urban Bean space on Lyndale in 2018 and always lived up to its name, an absolute oddball in the coffee community with drinks and decor you wouldn't see at any other shop in town.

"I'd be lying if I didn't say we did too much, too often," a person whom we assume is Misfit founder and owner Marcus Parkansky writes in a farewell social post. "Something people often praised us for, but it certainly came with its costs in more than financial ways."

Yours truly was among those sending praise Misfit's way when it opened in 2018—a dark corridor of a coffee shop with loud music and neon lights that was open, back then, until 10 p.m. daily. It was a decidedly un-coffee-shop like space in more ways than one, with wonderfully weird bevs like the Spro-Da-Pop (a mix of Mexican Coke and espresso), the Misfit Palmer (a take on Arnie's classic that subbed in cold brew for tea), and Sooo Green (a matcha and mint drink with jalapeño and serrano peppers adding a little kick).

Things got even more fun in 2020, when Misfit managed to add a bar program and food menu. But of course, not even the most whimsical drink tricksters got out of the pandemic unscathed, and "[w]e were beyond fortunate we were able to make it through those times while trying to be the best we could be each and every day," Parkansky writes in his farewell, giving all the credit to their fun-loving staff and patrons.

The last day for the coffee shop will be Friday, September 30, but that's not the end of Misfit—just the super-cool space they created at 2401 Lyndale Ave. "If you love Misfit please continue to support us through our other outlets: wholesale, truck service/events, coffee beans, Weisman, online and some of the other odds and ends we are involved with," Parkansky writes. All of those assorted projects will carry on, he says, as Misfit looks toward what comes next.

(And if you want a cup of Misfit coffee in the neighborhood? Disco Death Records, which opened just last month at 26th and Lyndale, brews with Misfit beans and even has its own special blend.)

"A huge thank you to all have supported us at this location over the years," Parkansky's post concludes. "We hope to see you all a few more times in this space."

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