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Let’s Cast Anthony Edwards in Another Movie

Plus every movie you can see in local theaters this week.


The hustlers of ‘Hustle.’

A little cinematic local angle for you this week. Yesterday, Netflix premiered Adam Sandler’s new basketball movie, Hustle, and it’s far less ulcer-inducing than Uncut Gems. In fact, its amicable predictability is kinda relaxing. Of course, it's also not as good as Uncut Gems, but still, Sandler and Juancho Hernangomez have a likable chemistry as a Sixers scout and the discovery who could salvage his career, and, unlike some sports movies, it's at least as interested in basketball as a game and a craft and a world as it is in Overcoming and Winning.

For our purposes, what's important about Hustle is that the Timberwolves’ Anthony Edwards flat-out steals (basketball word) his scenes as a trash-talking rival who gets under Juancho’s (or “Bo Cruz’s” skin). Maybe you've already seen this clip.

So the obvious question is: What's next for Ant? Not sure I can top Andrew Unterberger's pick: Bond villain. But still, let's spitball (non-basketball word). Some sort of buddy comedy? One of those superheroes you nerds are always jizzing about? Tell Austin Butler to get lost and cast Edwards as Sting in the Dune sequel. First person who says Space Jam 3 or makes an E.R. joke has to pay full price to see the Kirk Cameron homeschooling movie listed below. 

Oh also, apologies in advance for using a very annoying "p" word (not that one, you perv—no not that one either) twice in these listings. It could not be avoided.

Special Screenings This Week

Thursday, June 9

Tom and Jerry: The Movie (2021)
Alamo Drafthouse
Tom AND Jerry? In thi— [ED NOTE: No, really, cut it the fuck out.] $5. 2:30 p.m. More info here.

The Clock (1945)
Alamo Drafthouse
Secretary Judy Garland and soldier Robert Walker fall for each other while he’s on 24-hour leave in New York. $12. 7 p.m. More info here.

Cruella (2020)
Live on the Drive
She’s not really evil you see—it’s t-r-a-u-m-a. Free. Dusk. More info here.

La Emboscada (The Ambush) (2014)
The Main
Four Cuban soldiers are pinned down by counterrevolutionary troops while trying to defend Angola’s post-colonial government. Part of the Cuban Film Festival. $6-$9. 7 p.m. More info here.

The Blues Brothers (1980) 
Parkway Theater
Belushi and Ackroyd battle Nazis to save an orphanage. With pre-show music from the Low Rats. $9/$12. 7 p.m. music. 8 p.m. screening. More info here.

Friday, June 10

The Land Before Time (1988)
Alamo Drafthouse
"What time is it?" "Not yet!" $5. Noon. Also Monday & Wednesday 3 p.m. More info here.

School Daze (1988)
Emagine Willow Creek
IMDB user Volker Boehm summarized Spike Lee’s satirical musical about a historically Black college thus: “In the South of the United States are taking place confrontations between two groups of students who have different ideas and are not able to accept the one of the opponent.” Which is, uh, not technically incorrect. $5. 2 p.m. all week. More info here.

The Best Man (1999)
Emagine Willow Creek
I didn’t realize they made a movie about me. Haha, get it? $5. 5 p.m. all week. More info here.

Trolls World Tour (2020)
Emagine Willow Creek
What kind of sicko makes a fuckin’ troll movie about poptimism? $3. 10 a.m. Also Saturday. More info here.

Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
Harold Faltermeyer walked so Crazy Frog could run. Or, er, hop, I guess. $8. 7 p.m. Saturday 9 p.m. Sunday 3 p.m. More info here.

48 Hours (1982)
Cop Nick Nolte and con Eddie Murphy are the original odd couple in this Walter Hill crimedy. 9 p.m. Saturday 7 p.m. Sunday 5:15 p.m. More info here.

I’m In Love With a Church Girl (2013)
Water Works
Pre-Fyre Fest Ja Rule stars in this Christian film, as does Justin Bieber’s father-in-law. Free. Dusk. More info here.

Saturday, June 11

The Fog (1980)
Alamo Drafthouse
Basically Halloween, but with mist. $5. 8:30 p.m. More info here.

Encanto (2021)
Bossen Field Park
Nobody said we don’t sing about Bruno. Free. Dusk. More info here.

Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Parkway Theater
You’ll believe a plant can sing. $5-$10. 1 p.m. More info here

Sunday, June 12

A Star Is Born (1954)
Alamo Drafthouse
Judy Garland’s Star is by far the best of the bunch. And you really need to hear James Mason sing “Old Ways.” $10. Noon. More info here.

The Clock (1945)
Alamo Drafthouse
Secretary Judy Garland and soldier Robert Walker fall for each other while he’s on 24-hour leave in New York. Hey, that sounds familiar. $12.50. 3:20 p.m. More info here.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)
AMC Eden Prairie 18/AMC Rosedale 14/AMC Southdale 16
It’s been 60 years. You’d think they’d have found out by now. $16.13. 1 & 7 p.m. Also Monday. More info here.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)
Emagine Willow Creek
The six-hour second part of the twelve-part Harry Potter finale. $10.25 12:30 & 5:30 p.m. More info here.

No Straight Lines (2021)
Emagine Willow Creek
Does this documentary about five queer comic-book artists contain a scene where two women talk to each other about something other than a man? $6. 7 p.m. More info here.

Laurel and Hardy Comedy Festival
The Heights
“Laurel AND Hardy? In this ec—” A furious crowd tackles me and pins me to the ground. $12. 1 p.m. More info here.

Bringing out the Dead (1999)
Paul Schrader edges Scorsese back into “grimy streets of New York” mode with this story of Nicolas Cage as an EMT driver pushed to the edge. $8. 7:15 p.m. Monday-Tuesday 7 & 9:30 p.m. More info here.

Monday, June 13

Kirk Cameron Presents: The Homeschool Awakening (2022)
AMC Eden Prairie 18/AMC Rosedale 14/AMC Southdale 16
Hey, don’t blame me. I always rooted for Tracey Gold. $16.13. 7 p.m. Also Tuesday. More info here.

Brain Damage (1988)
Emagine Willow Creek
Look, if you get a parasite on your brainstem, it’s gonna make you kill. That’s just how it goes. $10. 7:30 p.m. More info here.

Doctor X (1932)
The Heights
A wild pre-Code Technicolor cannibal whodunit. $15. 7:30 p.m. More info here.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)
Lyndale Farmstead Park
I dare you not to laugh when hologram Harold Ramis shows up to forgive his daughter for being neglected by him. Yes, I did watch the whole damn thing. Free. Dusk. More info here.

Tuesday, June 14

Forever Golden! A Celebration of the Golden Girls
AMC Rosedale 14/AMC Southdale 16/Showplace ICON
Movies are the new TV. $10. 7 p.m. More info here.

Chaos Walking (2021)
Pearl Park
YA dystopia, like being a young adult right now isn’t dystopian enough. Free. Dusk. More info here.

Wednesday, June 15

School of Rock (2003)
The Commons
Sorry, Jack. We’re poptimists now and this is, like, super-problematic. Free. Dusk. More info here.

Cool Cat Saves the Kids (2015)
Vivica A. Fox and Erik Estrada team up with a former Playgirl stud to teach kids that guns and bullying are bad. You guessed it: Trash Films Debauchery is back. $5. 7 p.m .More info here.

Opening This Week

Jurassic World: Dominion
When will Chris Pratt movies go extinct?

The Tale of King Crab (Re Granchio)
Oh great, another movie about an exiled Italian drunk seeking treasure in 19th century Tierra del Fuego.

Ongoing in Local Theaters

The Bad Guys

The Bob’s Burgers Movie

Crimes of the Future

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Downton Abbey: A New Era

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore


Men (read our review here)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Top Gun: Maverick (read our review here)


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