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Hi Flora!: MN’s First THC Restaurant Gets a New Name, Opening Date

The restaurant will follow later this spring, but the storefront debuts this month. We'll give you ONE GUESS when the grand opening is.

11:24 AM CDT on April 11, 2023

An overhead shot of a spread of nuts and fruits and cheeses on a wooden board
Heather Klein

Back in February, we got a fun plant-based update regarding a familiar space in Uptown: Chef Heather Klein of Root to Rise Kitchen planned to take over the old Common Roots building for a new spot called Juniper. The alcohol-free, THC-focused eatery would be the first of its kind in Minnesota, with a selection of tinctures guests could add to drinks and food.

But then, a few weeks ago, Klein heard a confounding segment on MPR. "They kept saying 'Juniper' and I was like, 'Are they talking about us?' It turns out there's a restaurant two hours south of us called Juniper's," she explains.

She reached out to the folks at Juniper's, which opened in Lanesboro a few years ago and is named for the chef's daughter, and all parties agreed that having double Junipers might be confusing for folks. So Klein came up with a new name—Hi Flora!—which she announced earlier this week.

"I was so nervous about it, I've literally lost sleep," she says. But Hi Flora! makes a lot of sense for the concept, which combines plant-based eating and plant-derived euphorics.

In addition to sharing the new name, Hi Flora! also has an opening date... mostly sorted out. Part of the plan for the restaurant involved dividing up the space, with the restaurant in the old Common Roots dining room facing Lyndale (2558 Lyndale Ave. S.) and a shop/takeout situation in the rear, in the old Common Roots offices (708 W. 26th St.).

The remodeled Hi Flora! storefront is where they'll sell take-home THC/CBD products, NA drinks, frozen meals, and other goodies; it's also where delivery drivers, or folks picking up takeout, will grab orders. And the grand opening will take place *drumroll please* on April 20 at 4:20 p.m. The patio will also be up and running with a DJ (assuming we don't get another surprise April blizzard).

The restaurant, including a redesigned bar, remains under construction. Klein imagines the sit-down dining side will follow later this spring, hopefully by about May.

"It just feels really special in there," Klein says. "Common Roots was around for so long, and they accomplished so much when they were in there."

While Hi Flora! has a new name, that's really the only deviation from the initial plan. Klein will oversee a plant-based menu using the skills she's honed since her vegan kitchen started popping up at breweries and festivals in 2015.

The menu will be seasonal—expect ramps, asparagus, and morels in May, and smoked juniper dishes including Hemp Ricotta Squash Blossoms and Lion's Mane Wild Rice later this summer. Cocktails will include an array of THC-infused "euphoria drinks," along with iced Blue Lotus tea, sparkling Kava, and housemade switchel and root beer.

You can follow along with Hi Flora!'s progress on Instagram—and don't worry, this name is gonna stick.

"I Googled it, it's trademark-able, I sent out the email to my lawyer: 'trademark this please!'" Klein laughs. "We're good."

Hi Flora! Storefront
708 W. 26th St.
Grand opening April 20 at 4:20 p.m.

Update, April 12 8 a.m.: An earlier version of this story reported that former Fig + Farro owner Michelle Courtright is also moving forward with Hi Flora!; she is no longer involved with the project.

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