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I Rode Amtrak’s New Borealis Line to Chicago So You Don’t Have to (But You Still Should)

I spent five days traveling across Wisconsin and back to learn more about myself—and America. (Lol no, really I just wanted to ride the train.)

With Duluth’s Park Point, Kathy Cargill Crossed the Billionaire PR Precipice

The antisocial behavior of elites usually feels abstract—until it gets personal.

March 25, 2024

Miyazaki at the Main, Neo-Noir at the Trylon, and Christmas Movies Everywhere

Pretty much every movie you can see in Twin Cities theaters this week.

November 30, 2023

Door County, WI, is a Far Better Vacation Spot Than the North Shore

Goats, cherries, and implanted memories > icy, highway-adjacent water.

How I Got and Promptly Quit 6 Jobs in 6 Weeks

Let's hear from Racket's Special Employment Correspondent.

City Swimming is Better Than Owning a Cabin

A love letter to our urban swimming spaces—no septic tank maintenance required.