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Jessica Armbruster

Co-owner and editor at Racket.

Betty Danger’s Rebrands Yet Again with ‘Exponentially Stupider’ New Concept

Plus more Ward 10 madness, Rep. Hudson's odd Target/Walker conflation, and Racket on the radio in today's Flyover.

Wanna Buy a House on Minneapolis’s Marvelous Milwaukee Ave.?

Plus the latest THC legalization news, a lens company gets busted for bribery, and sky poop in today's Flyover.

Wanna Buy a Giant Barrel Boy?

Minnesota artist Joel Edward Sisson has big plans for his recycled bucket creatures.

Fact Check: Omnibus Bill Does Not Legalize Pedophilia

Plus weed seed politics, brawlin' DFLers, and meet the Twins organist in today's Flyover.

REI Union Wave Hits Minnesota

Plus returning a park to the Dakota, a new tactic for mental health, and free newspaper archives in today's Flyover.

Freeloader Friday: 62 Free Things To Do This Weekend

Store openings, an EDM food truck party, Mom's Day happenings, and raw oysters (no really!) in this edition.

May 12, 2023

Watch AOC Blast Tom Bakk

Plus lobbying in overdrive, a Pokémon heist, and fishman for sale in today's Flyover.

Egg-Spensive Sandwich Grips Local Twitter

Plus questions about the interim U of M prez, Golden Valley gossip, and sinkholes as tourist traps in today's Flyover.