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Uptown is dead

MN Lawmakers to Union Firefighters: Hubba Hubba Awooga!!

Plus an investigation into some truly shitty weather, a defense of Jay Kolls, and the latest obit for Uptown in today's Flyover news roundup.

Time to Whine for the Whiniest Demo on Earth

Plus more MPD hiring questions, Uptown dies again, and Taco John's lives again in today's Flyover news roundup.

‘Passion for the Hole’: The Uptown Sinkhole Has Become a Social Hotspot

A gaping Minneapolis sinkhole emerged over the weekend. It's already bringing gawkers and partyers together.

Fraudulent Crank ‘Sorry’ He Blamed Biden-Voting Anarchists for Arson

Plus Wild Greg's back, Uptown Tavern is gone, and a good ol' fashioned fish video in today's Flyover.

Mpls City Contracts Are Funding Anti-Union Forced Birther’s Run for Wisconsin Guv

Plus politicians get fired up at Farmfest, Chino Latino stuff for sale, and Mpls picks its first Community Safety Commissioner in today's Flyover.

Just Let Our Unexpectedly Adequate Basketball Team Be Happy For Once, OK?

Plus a citizen's arrest thwarted, see ya CB2, Kacey Musgraves' big head, and cannibal cops? in today's Flyover.