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minnesota schools

Guess How Many Guns Are in Minnesota?

Plus arts education endangered again, talking race in school, and the squirrels are fucking with us in today's Flyover.

What the Fuck Was That Loud Noise Earlier?

Plus evictions spike, cop pensions balloon, and Annandale's "political" rainbows in today's Flyover.

Omicron Has Had Just About Enough of Your Shit

Plus South St. Paul's strange mayor, passive-aggressive bagels, and schools resisting kids' demands in today's Flyover.

January 19, 2022

Uh Oh, Minneapolis Is in the New York Times Again

Plus National Guard overload, Daunte Wright's family speaks, and long COVID in today's Flyover.

November 29, 2021

COVID’s Creeping Through Minnesota Schools

Plus storm damage, early voting, and a real load of garbage.

September 17, 2021