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Minneapolis Police

No More FLOW Northside Arts Crawl

Plus mysterious mega-mansions, Sheriff Hutch finally gets fired, and Cub strike averted in today's Flyover.

Planned Parenthood Takes a Page From the Starbucks Playbook

Plus U.S. Bank wants more $$, a human rights deal passes in Minneapolis, and a new park for St. Paul in today's Flyover.

What the HELL is a Rejected MnDOT Plow Name Doing on the Streets?

Plus free parking helps people, MPD goes to bat for Laura Ingraham, and explore polluted lakes in today's Flyover.

Just in Time for Halloween: Downtown Mpls Ghost Cops

Plus the new encampment at City Hall, why it's good to be lazy with lawn upkeep, and stealing bikes is not cool in today's Flyover.

Ilhan Omar’s Cool with Unionized Staff

Plus a BBQ reprieve, a horrifying dead body discovery, and our very own meteor in today's Flyover.

Ride-Share Drivers to Frey: Take a Hike!

Plus a new top cop, caller I.D. in Columbia Heights, and leaf-peepin' in today's Flyover.

CNN Just Called Us the ‘Mini Apple.’ In 2022.

Plus over-regulated BBQ, striking mental health workers, and a neighborhood quiz in today's Flyover.

Kim Crockett: Liar? Idiot? Both?

Plus a costly chicken dispute, understaffed cop night shifts, and PETA vs. Jucy Lucys in today's Flyover.

September 15, 2022


Plus stock tips from MN's Congressional delegation, the school to precinct pipeline, and Frey punts on golf in today's Flyover.

September 13, 2022

The MPD Wants New Toys

Plus evictions spike, Carbucks is no more, and Racket's voting tips in today's Flyover