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A Few Words in Defense of the Midtown Global Market Snow Creature

Plus changes at Lake Superior, a new bar moves into Tracy's old spot, and support for the encampments in today's Flyover news roundup.

December 6, 2023

MPD Reportedly Operates like the Mob

Plus folk arts flourish, yurts for the homeless, and a football conspiracy in today's Flyover news roundup.

Local Twitter Thwarting Frey’s Plans to End Homelessness 

Plus NSFW MPD, the guv's crumbling house, and more climate dread in today's Flyover news roundup.

Hub Capped, Exits Minnehaha

Plus Champlin's secession thoughts, a history of homelessness, and the guv loses a cat in today's Flyover.

Wonsley vs. Frey: Fight!!!

Plus same ol' MPD leadership, a private equity landlord gouges north Mpls residents, and Frey appoints a homelessness czar in today's Flyover local news roundup.

’80s Twin Cities Olive Garden Goes Viral

Duluth's Armory eyes reopening, tiny houses for the houseless, and a neat vinyl library in today's Flyover news roundup.

RIP Minneapolis Rapper Mike Dreams

Plus an in-depth look at homelessness, a condo worker fired for unionizing, and turtle harvesting in today's Flyover.

State Addresses Homelessness by Bulldozing People’s Homes

Plus our hideous football mausoleum, restaurant closings, and bus drivers wanted in today's Flyover.

Just in Time for Halloween: Downtown Mpls Ghost Cops

Plus the new encampment at City Hall, why it's good to be lazy with lawn upkeep, and stealing bikes is not cool in today's Flyover.