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Broders’ Cucina Italiana? Great spot!

If the 40-year-old south Minneapolis Italian institution met the proper criteria, it would have been a top-five lock in our local pizza chain rankings. But, sadly, there’ll be no Broders’ pizza for at least a month, according to executive director Charlie Broder.

That’s due to a fire that shot up the range hood late Saturday, damaging the hood and roof. The blaze could have been “devasting,” a spokesperson tells us, though two workers quickly extinguished it before the Minneapolis Fire Department arrived.

“This experience has been jarring, but we’re so grateful for our quick-thinking staff members, and the good news that nobody was injured,” Broder says in a statement. Broders’ has been closed ever since as the owners take stock of the damage. While pizza won’t be on the menu until the custom hood gets repaired, the restaurant and market should resume operations by the middle of next week, he estimates. The hood’s custom nature, combined with the dreaded supply chain, could make for a tricky fix.

The family’s nearby sister restaurants at 50th & Penn—Broders’ Pasta Bar and Terzo—didn’t ignite in flames and, thus, remain open for your patronage.

“Our team has faced many difficulties over the last two years, and this is no exception,” Broder says. “While we are disappointed to be experiencing yet another setback, now more than ever we are truly confident in the resiliency of our teams, in our own dedication as employers, and in the power of our loyal diners.”

For what it’s worth: Racket’s cranky East Coast beer columnist considers Broders’ the top ‘za destination in an otherwise unremarkable pizza town. Solid options do exist, however, such as pickle-happy Good Times, long-awaited Slice, expanding Boludo, top chain Wrecktangle, mascot kings Mario’s, and reliable Heggies, the frozen favorite that’s taking over local taprooms.